Profound Trust

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding…” – Proverbs 3:5

We have such a willing heart when it comes to trust in things that don’t matter – you trust the AA batteries in your electric toothbrush will work forever; you trust your car will start when you turn the key; you trust your Starbucks barista will get your drink right each and every time and when they don’t, we gripe and complain, but there we are, the next day, faithfully trusting they’ll get it right this time. We really are a trusting people, but only in the frivolities of life.

What about trust in the One that matters? Now, that’s an entirely different story. We become instant skeptics, always questioning the plans, will, motivation, and purpose of our Savior. Sometimes the most devout and supremely religious Christians are the worst at this.

When have we become such faithless followers? Why is it easier for us to put our trust in the sinful person making our daily latte instead of the sinless God who lovingly holds us in the palm of His hands?

My personal battle with trust hit an all-time low this morning. After spending the past three months fighting an internal battle of grief, confusion and pain, the trust that I previously had in God, our Great Provider, came to an alarming halt when I realized I had a bill to pay in a week and I had no money to pay it. Instantly, I was consumed with worry and panic. A flood of doubt poured over me like heavy molasses that added an increase of weight on my already-weary heart.

My mind raced. I did some quick elementary math and realized that after this week, I’d have a total of $50 in my bank account. $50 to pay for my food, gas, water bill, electric bill, rent, and everything else besides breathing…because breathing is free. The trust I had when things weren’t too bad instantly dropped out from under me and I was left in a pit of despair.

Where had my trust gone? Why is it so easy to trust in the plans our God has for us (Jer. 29:11) when the sailing is smooth and there’s not a cloud in the sky?

The ease in which we trust increases as our need to trust decreases.

It’s easy to trust God when bills are paid, family is healthy, the project is done or the promotion was given. It’s easy to trust God when we don’t actually need
to trust God. Our sinful selfishness causes a “do it alone” mentality and when we see that we can accomplish what we want without God, we can easily say, “Sure, I trust God!”

Are we truly trusting?

If it’s easy, is it really trust?

Trust is rooted in our faith in the God who created us. Trust is the essence of fully relying on the One who needs not be relied on. Too often, we fail to put our money where our mouth is. We spout of lip service of faithfully following our God, but when it comes to turn our proclamation into a verb (it’s what you do – Thank you, School House Rock), we utterly fail. When life gets rough, we bail.

What would it look like if you trusted God today? Would you act different? Speak different? Be different?

God doesn’t ask for much of us…in fact, He doesn’t really ask for anything, but He does rejoice when we worship Him with profound trust and unfaltering faith.

My $50 bank account looks grim, but in the past hour that I’ve been praying and writing, He has turned my panic into peace and my worry into joy. My problems have not magically disappeared, because God is not a magician, but I have been mysteriously blessed. After all, who can add a day to their life with worry?

“Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”  – Matthew 6:34

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