I Don’t Know and That’s Okay


Lately, God has called me to help lead worship at my church – Mission Community Church. It’s been incredibly refreshing for me to go from full-time pastor to part-time volunteer. In fact, I even consider myself to be a pastor who’s paid by Starbucks (more on that later).

Last night, I was asked to sing with Paul, our Worship Director, at Ember – College Ministry. During that somewhat awkward time between rehearsal and worship, Paul and I had a wonderful conversation about Doctrine and Theology, my absolute favorite topic, of which I’ve missed conversing over these past few months.

Our Theological topic for the evening? The great debate of Reformed Theology vs. Arminianism. Instead of going into great detail, I’m shamefully going to direct you to the wonderful world of Wikipedia. Happy Google-ing! 🙂

During our conversation, I externally processed some theological questions I’ve been pining over for the past 6 months or so. With the help of Paul’s most excellently, Holy Spirit-guided questions, I eventually came to the conclusion that I just don’t know…

and that’s okay.

Our world is broken and incomplete. Our view is limited with the tunnel vision of sin. Spiritual concepts like “How is God present in Communion?” or “Did God predetermine the Fall of Man?” are difficult for our sinful minds to grasp…and nobody is exempt. The greatest minds of elite universities and high school drop-outs alike struggle with these same issues.

As Christians, we place this internal pressure on ourselves to have all the answers…all the right answers. We shamefully shove any question we may have about God or Scripture because someone, somewhere, taught us that questioning God equivocates lack of faith. When we struggle with a difficult spiritual concept, we’re left with a guilty pit in the bottom of our stomachs.

Why is this? Why do we shy away from the “I don’t know’s” of faith?

Here’s some encouragement for you, my friend: I consider myself to be a Biblical scholar and I still don’t know…and that’s okay.

It’s okay to “not know”.

It’s okay to admit you don’t have all the answers.

Faith isn’t a game of Jeopardy. God is not Alex Trebek. You won’t be discounted anything if you don’t have it all together.

Ask questions…Please, ask questions! Find a pastor, a spiritual warrior, or wise faith friend to guide you through your doubts, your unbeliefs, and those ideas of faith that make your brain hurt.

Search Scripture. Want to know about Creation? Dig into Genesis. Don’t know what to look for in a church? Open the book of Acts. God has given us answers to most of our questions in His Word, but we can’t just sit back and wait for Him to magically and mysteriously flip open the Bible to the perfect passage that will answer everything for you. Take your dusty Bible off the shelf and open it. You’ll be amazed at how many of your questions will be answered by simply reading what God has to tell you.

Understand that sometimes, we just don’t know and that’s okay. It’s against our nature not to know something…or at least have the opportunity to find out…but, until we are graced with Christ’s presence again, we need to be okay with this.

Don’t let the fear of “I don’t know” stop you from discovering a wonderful world of Christ’s acceptance and love.

Not knowing is what faith is for.


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