Day #212: Getting Personal

This week’s post was taken from my 365-day dating experiment, “The Postcard of My [Single] Life” from May 4, 2010. I revisited the retired blog today and thought it was a fantastic post that still reigns true today. Enjoy! It’s easy to take the subject matter of “dating” and spin it with a humorous and […]

A Good Cry.

I hate crying. I hate crying in front of people. I hate the way my face scrunches up into a wrinkly, snotty, teary, hot mess. I hate how vulnerable I become. I hate being exposed. I got a phone call earlier this week. A friend wanted to “talk”. As I hung up the phone, a […]

Finding Worth

I used to tell this story to the girls in my youth group… A man walks into an antique store and stops at a gorgeous Victorian-era table. He asks the owner, “This table is beautiful! How much does it cost?” The woman who owns the shop responds, “$600”. Utterly shocked, the man replies, “What?! That’s […]

Church is for Married People

First things first… I love my church and I love the Church. Secondly… I can see that my church and the Church are passionate about reaching the masses for the Kingdom of God. In America, the masses are married couples and families. Therefore, using this logic, Church is for married people and families. Let me clarify… I’m a […]