Being Gleeful!

Confession. I’ve been watching a lot of “Glee” lately. It’s true. I’ve been gleeking out over “Glee”! Part of the allure of this show is the social normalcy in the random bursting out of song. Only on Fox, is it socially acceptable to begin singing and expect all those around you to participate, somehow knowing every perfectly […]

No More Free Syrup at Starbucks?!

Yesterday morning as I opened my email Inbox, my soul died a little bit. No more free syrup for Gold Members at Starbucks. They tried to soften the blow by introducing free drinks and/or food after you hit the now-lowered target of 12 stars (instead of 15), but I could see through their cheap trickery. Ironically, I […]

The Peace in Insanity

You know how they say that hindsight is always 20/20? They’re right. I could easily name one or two things that I have said or done in the last few years (heck, the last few days!) that I should have said or done differently. I should have been more graceful when breaking up with him. I should have […]

Faith like a Colossian

Paul is one of my favorite Biblical characters. He was bold, yet loving – a disciplinarian with a compassionate heart. The Pauline letters are usually my first stop when seeking guidance: I often look to his letters for spiritual understanding in my confusingly murky world. Sometimes God’s will is about as clear as mud, but […]