No More Free Syrup at Starbucks?!

Yesterday morning as I opened my email Inbox, my soul died a little bit.

No more free syrup for Gold Members at Starbucks.

They tried to soften the blow by introducing free drinks and/or food after you hit the now-lowered target of 12 stars (instead of 15), but I could see through their cheap trickery.

Ironically, I go to Starbucks because I get free syrup. I justify my somewhat unreasonable Starbucks budget because they offer me tiny perks like free syrup (a whole $.50 savings!) and soy milk. Even though I don’t actually drink soy milk, I like knowing I can get it for free.

Starbucks, your highly-acidic, burnt-tasting, overly-priced shots of caffeinated goodness have me hooked, but I will not succumb to your inconsiderate marketing ploys! I will stand up and fight! I will go to the mattresses!

Now…please excused me while I finish my iced latte…

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