To My Married Friends

Dear Married Friends,

Thank you.

I know this might not be what you were expecting. Maybe the single people in your life have other things to say about you, or your marriage, or the fact that you’ve found the elusive “one”, but I want to simply give you thanks.

You see…

I’m grateful for you. I’m thankful for your marriage.

You might not know this, but when you post pictures on Instagram of all your dates (#datenightphx) or subtly praise your spouse in conversation, you’re allowing me to see a small glimpse into a healthy marriage – a loving, God-filled, partnership – and, it gives me hope.

Unfortunately, even at my young (ish) age, I have friends who have known the pain of divorce. I have seen marriages crumble and Christians aren’t exempt. Being single, the concept of marriage, and committing your life to another human being, becomes increasingly unappealing. However, every day, I’m blessed with the reminder that God has a perfect plan in marriage – for me and my future spouse – by allowing me to see you in yours.

You all keep telling me that marriage is difficult.

With the joys and triumphs, there are equal, or greater, trials and hardships, however, God has blessed you with a lifelong partner, someone to fight the battle of life with. I may not fully understand yet, but I want to offer you some encouragement – Be strong and courageous in your marriage. God is with you, growing you, molding you, and strengthening your faith. Times may be difficult and you might not feel like you can endure, but take heart because God has already overcome this.

I see you fighting the battles and rejoicing in the triumphs and I am incredibly encouraged by you!

A simple “thanks” may not seem like a lot, but your marriage is more meaningful than you may think.


Your Single Friend


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