Heavenly Peace

Christmas is a time of giving.

Christmas is a time of getting.

Yet more than ever, Christmas is a time of going.  

From Black Friday through New Year’s Eve, the streets are filled with eager shoppers, struggling to get everything done for the holiday. From cookie exchanges to school plays, we spend the majority of this season rushing from one place to another, trying to check-off every “to-do” on our Christmas lists.

Christmas should be a blessing. It should be a time to sit and savor everything life has to offer. Instead, we waste it on hours in the mall, going further and further into debt. If we continue this behavior, the only thing we’ll be getting for Christmas is a giant credit card bill and ulcers, neither of which glorify the One who’s “the reason for the season”.

Instead of hopping on this holiday bandwagon, I’ve decided to make a change. This year, I’m giving myself an early Christmas present…


He says, “Be still and know that I am God…” – Psalm 46:10

I have underestimated the beauty in peace. Instead of savoring the bits and pieces of silence that God blesses me each day, I plow through my hours, vying to get ahead with crazy ambition and drive. I blink, the day is done, and I’m ready for a new one to begin. This cycle of “go-go-go” is an unhealthy tradition to begin at such a young (ish) age, and it’s not the life God desires for any of us.

Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests. – Luke 2:14

On the night when Christ was born, there was silence. Not a word was spoken as He entered our world. The whole earth skipped a beat, breathless from a humble King who would alter our relationship with the Creator, bringing a blessing of heavenly peace.

Our topsy-turvy world got it all wrong.

Busyness is such a backwards way of celebrating such a simple event – a birth.

This holiday, instead of making lists, buying gifts, and rushing from place to place, stop. Bask in the greatness of a mighty Savior, making His presence into our broken world. Sit in silence, be still, and pause in heavenly peace.

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