Day #1 of Grad School – Chaos in Overdrive!

So far, grad school is like this:

hjlbev;ksjbn;wsjk W:djvbXJAD BV:”OXWBL;DLWB V:UHev

None of it makes sense.

Words are spoken that have no meaning.

Reading material just seems like ineligible hieroglyphics of nonsense.

It’s chaos, it’s disruptive, but it’s transformative. It’s been one day and I’m already begging for more. Call me an educational masochist or call me crazy, but this grad school thing is addictive!

My craving for education is the consequence of being in a place where personal development is the curriculum. At The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, we’re pulled through the wringer, tossed and turned, manipulated and put back together again for the sole purpose of our individual journeys coinciding with our educational development. It sounds unfair and unjust to torture a soul in this way, but it’s in this unprotected and uncomfortable space where struggle and serenity are somehow friends and, in the end, beauty ultimately reigns.

As a deep wound is suddenly exposed to the dangers of a germy world, we, as new graduate students at The Seattle School, are exposed to the same likeness. Yet, instead of a world filled with bacteria and grime, we are exposed to ourselves – our childhood traumas left unresolved, families of origin left unidentified, past traumas, previous harms, and all the nuts and bolts of a fully lived life that has ignorantly been overlooked, but keeping us from moving forward.

It’s in this space where we have the opportunity to grapple with loaded questions like, “Who is God?” and “Who are you?” It’s the anxiety of not knowing, yet fully knowing, a mighty Creator and Lord, who cannot be boxed up and pristinely packaged for our evangelical churches and liturgical traditions. It’s the tears and emotions and words that leave our lips that are heard so deeply and sincerely and responded to with the arms of a community of loving believers and new friends.

This space, this place of…

hjlbev;ksjbn;wsjk W:djvbXJAD BV:”OXWBL;DLWB V:UHev

…is why my craving for tomorrow supersedes my today.

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