Psalm 37 :: Delight in the Lord.

I must admit that I find myself at a fork in the proverbial road.

I have two options: continue walking down a particularly challenging, painful, and strenuous path — one that may or may not lead to a beautiful destination…or, change directions and begin a new journey, down a path whose destination is known. I think we have all found ourselves standing at this particular fork in our own journeys, yet how do we choose which path to take?

Again, I find myself drawn to the Psalms, specifically Psalm 37. Granted, most of this song is about the ways of the wicked vs. the ways of the righteous (it’s pretty depressing, TBH), but there are so many nuggets of wisdom deep inside the crevices of these words of David — a man after God’s own heart.

Delight yourself in the Lord,
    and he will give you the desires of your heart. – Psalm 37:4

What does it mean to “delight yourself in the Lord”?

Delighting in the Lord = Finding pleasure in God alone.

Simply put, delighting in the Lord is seeking God as our Source for life, for our everything. When we stop delighting in the Lord, we place other gods before Him. When we stop delighting in the Lord, we lose sight of the goodness He has in store for us. Delighting in the Lord may not help me make my decision, but when I wholeheartedly seek the face of God — my Redeemer, my Constant, my Provider — He will give me the desires of my heart. Naming the desires of our heart takes some serious courage, yet delighting in the Lord is an even tougher challenge.

“Commit your way to the Lord;
    trust in him, and he will act.” – Psalm 37:5

Once again, when we commit our way (our path) to God, trusting in His goodness, He will take action. Regardless of which path I choose to take, God will move. God will act. God will bless. God will lead.

God desires our trust more than He desires our perfection.

We don’t need to be perfect.

I’ll say that again…


We don’t need to do good. We don’t need to act out of obligation or spiritual pressure, to be “holy”. We don’t need to make all the “right” choices, ensuring we’re choosing the right path God has planned for us. We don’t need to strive for perfection. God simply desires our trust in Him, that He will move in His perfect timing.

Stop striving and start trusting.

“Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him.” – Psalm 37:7

This. This is a spiritual 2×4 that smacks my impatient heart over the head. Not only is God asking me to trust in Him, He is asking me to be still. For the woman who’s lived in five different states over the past 10 years, being still and waiting patiently is like herding cats.

I find myself praying everyday for God to speak to me and this is what I hear…

“Be still.”


“I am working here.”

Not all decisions need to be made today, however my impatience instills such an intense level of urgency that I feel like I need to decide NOW. Sitting still is not a practice I’m accustomed to living. I like knowing. I like moving. I like action.

…but, waiting?

I am not good at waiting, yet I can see the beauty in stillness. There is beauty in waiting expectantly for God to move. There is beauty in knowing and trusting that God will take action when the timing is right.

Whether you find yourself on the precipice of a new adventure, struggling to trust in God where you’re at, or in the discernment process like myself, my encouragement for you is to seek, trust, and be still in God alone. My hope for us all is that He will direct our path and walk with us on this journey.

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