Something New.



See, I am doing a new thing!
    Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
    and streams in the wasteland. – Isaiah 43:19 (NIV)

My “Summer in the South” has ended and I am forever grateful for my time in North Carolina. I am grateful for Southern hospitality, sticky humidity that feels like a warm, wet blanket of love, fireflies that dance over grassy fields, and the deep slowness of Southern living. I’m grateful for the time I spent playing with my nieces, building forts, baking cupcakes, and trekking out to the beach for one disastrous camping adventure. What a glorious blessing to be able to gain distance and time from the heartbreak I left behind.

I’ve been back in Seattle for a few weeks and was greeted by the bipolar weather of the Pacific Northwest. Sunny days brought rainy mornings, which eventually led to a grand summer thunderstorm with grey, cloudy days. Seattle welcomes me with rain and I feel loved in this place, like I’ve come home from the longest journey of my life. Like the proverbial prodigal son.

Seattle has brought something beautiful and good and fresh. I have found a sense of newness my heart has been longing for. Coming back to Seattle brought me back to myself and I feel God has created something new in me. I feel new. I feel rebuilt and solid, with the strength of an oak tree, deeply rooted in rich, luscious soil.

I have been made into something new.

Today is my official move-out date from the house I’ve lived in for the past year. This year has been incredibly transformative and I have experienced a lot of heartbreak and grief. This house carries so many memories and beautiful moments, both of joy and despair. This newfound newness is perfectly symbolized in closing the door to this chapter of my life and the newness in my heart becomes even clearer.

As I say, “Goodbye,” I pray that God blesses this new chapter in my life. I pray that S/He continues to change my heart, continues to do the work in me that is forming me into something new — something closer to myself, closer to the woman I was created to be. I pray that God continues to work in the lives of those I love, especially the loved ones who have embarked on their own journey of transformation and change. I pray for strength and endurance, a ferocious tenacity to continue this work. I pray for lost friends and broken relationships, that God mends the brokenness in our hearts and reunites us when the time is right. I pray for new friendships and budding relationships, for blessings and glory to infuse itself in the fragrance of new life.

Most of all, I pray for this newness to permeate through my soul and bring about a peace that surpasses my understanding of this earthly life.

As I begin taking steps towards a new school year, I am joyful and excited to see heavenly plans unfold before me. I have a hunch God is going to surprise me this year. I feel new, yet God is not done yet. S/He isn’t finished with the work that has begun.

God is still working here.

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