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Good Women Project is a place of community for the 18-28 year old girl who is trying to figure out how to be a woman. They exist to help women live the life they were created to live. They exist for the girl who isn’t finding all her answers in a church building, but needs to hear from the church: her sisters in Jesus. They exist to encourage women to grow into themselves, not into an expectation. They exist to create best-friend-kinds of conversations between the single woman and the married woman. They exist to share stories without judgment, experiences without fear, honesty without condemnation, and questions without embarrassment.




Since 2002, RELEVANT has been the leading platform for twenty- and thirtysomething Christians covering faith, culture and intentional living. The stories we tell are at the intersection of where a Christ-centered life is really lived. Our magazine is not about “being relevant” (whatever that means)—it’s that a personal relationship with God is relevant to every aspect of our lives. (And yes, we cover the stuff that’s relevant to our readers.)




Kristin is a very cool mom and wife who often writes for Relevant Magazine. This is how she describes her blog – “My blog is a collection of stories and observations from a life that hasn’t turned out like I thought it would. I didn’t expect to go through a divorce when my girls were three and five. I didn’t expect to end up stuck in a small town in Illinois. I didn’t expect to really like my ex-husband’s new wife, or to be good friends with my new husband’s ex-wife. I didn’t expect to be seriously questioning my faith upon discovering that a lot of Christians suck, nor did I expect to embrace it again in completely new ways.”

4 thoughts on “Connect Online

  1. Kelsey…I read what was posted on your school website …staying in the fight. I have been praying for God to talk to me as I am in a crisis…I have almost decided to move from Denver to Seattle…I am an MDIV Chaplaincy and MA Clinical Mental Health and was looking out there…truth be told I am running from a brokenness so deep …a relationship just like you describe where we have been sifted like wheat…you helped me so much I think

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